Some memories deserve to be remembered forever…

…by recording spoken memories from the person who experienced them you can secure a very special and personal legacy – one that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Especially if they belong to your parents or grandparents and represent part of your family history. After all, how often do you hear the words “I wish I’d known about…”, or “I wish I’d asked…” ?

Whether what they recall is happy, sad, humorous, meaningful or triumphant, these special memories should be treasured.  Because if they’re not preserved carefully they can be lost. Forgotten, forever.

With SpeakingLives®, one of our specially trained Life Interview Consultants meets people in their own home, or a place of their choice, to record their unique memories and reminiscences using discrete digital audio recording equipment.  The voice recordings are then professionally edited and delivered to them as a beautifully packaged CD or MP3 file.

…it’s literally the gift of a lifetime.