Share your community’s history

Young man and older man sharing a SpeakingLives box set

Where do we come from? Where did everyone go? What makes our place so special?

Museums and local histories have long been a source of fascination to locals and visitors alike. They help us answer questions like “what makes us tick?”, and ask new ones like “what’s the bigger picture?”. They fuel our sense of discovery, of wonder and of inspiration. And for those who left for pastures new, they reconnect them with their heritage, helps them understand how their town became the place it is today, and gives meaning and sense to the family traditions of long ago.

Bring your community’s history alive with a SpeakingLives recording. If you have a story to tell, our Oral History Experts will make it happen.

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“The CD interview produced by SpeakingLives is an ideal way of passing on those memories to my children and their descendents.”
Mr P Grace