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Costs can vary depending on what you wish to achieve.  As a guide, our standard costs are outlined here.  However, as every project is different it’s always best to discuss your requirements with us first, please contact us to discuss your needs, then we can tailor a project to fit your needs and budget.
From £300

Bespoke Project (a project of different length and content) : price on request, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Just relax and enjoy!  This is a wonderful opportunity to chat about your life and record your memories and reminiscences for family and friends to hear.  Our interviews are friendly and relaxed.  It’s a highly enjoyable and rewarding experience and not a ‘test’ in any way – so if you can’t recall something, it’s fine!  Want to know more, please contact us

We use very carefully researched questions or memory prompts ranging from your early childhood years to date for the Life Interview, and your thoughts and reminiscences of your life for the Legacy Interview.  This is a gently structured process to help lead you along the path of remembering.  Want to know more, please contact us

This is your life story and we’ll never ask you any questions that you don’t wish to answer.  You can mention any concerns you might have to your Life Interview Consultant before the recording starts and you can ‘pass’ on any questions at any time during the interview.  At the end of the interview, you will be asked if there is anything specific that you would like to talk about that has not yet been mentioned and we will include it in the recording.  Want to know more, please contact us

You can record your Life Interview in one sitting or over a number of sessions – it’s entirely up to you.  You can discuss what suits you best with your Life Interview Consultant.  Want to know more, please contact us

We are always very happy to welcome a friend or family member to sit with you during the interview if you wish.  Want to know more, please contact us

All our Life Consultants are highly trained by SpeakingLives®.  Everyone carries a unique identity card and all our consultants hold Disclosure Certificates.  Your consultant will make sure you are comfortable and relaxed, answer any questions and clearly explain everything before you start.  Want to know more, please contact us

We use digital recorders (about the size of a mobile phone) and a small microphone that just sits on a table or surface between both of you.  All very simple and discreet – you’ll forget that they are even there!  Want to know more, please contact us

As soon as your audio files are received at the SpeakingLives® Head Office, they are professionally edited to balance the recording and remove any unwanted sounds such as clunks, bumps, telephones or doorbells.  We then send your Life Interview directly to your home address (or to the address of the ‘purchaser’) by recorded delivery, typically within 28 days of our editor receiving the final audio files from your consultant.  Want to know more, please contact us

Your Life or Legacy Interview will be presented on a Gold Archive CD in a beautiful and elegant gift box.  The CDs are presented in hand-embossed slip cases accompanied by a personalised gilt-edged presentation card.  All our packaging and presentation is hand-crafted in Scotland by specialist printers recommended by the world famous Debrett’s Guide to Correspondence.  Want to know more, please contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.