How it works

How it works

Anne Interviewing a young person

Our specially trained Life Interview Consultants use discrete digital equipment to record your oral history.

This is professionally edited and delivered to you as a beautifully packaged CD or memory stick.

When you book with SpeakingLives, one of our specially trained Life Interview Consultants meets you in your own home, or a place of your choice, to record your unique memories and reminiscences using discrete digital audio recording equipment.  The voice recordings are then professionally edited and delivered to you as a beautifully packaged CD or memory stick.

Here’s how your story will go


1 Let’s begin:

First, your local specialist consultant will chat to you (by phone) to find out exactly what you require.
Whether the aim is to record the ‘life story’ of your family member or friend, work colleague or guests, or to capture specific memories that may be harder to access and talk about, our trained interviewers will help you. We do this using specially structured memory prompts.  And we never ask questions you don’t wish to answer!


2 Your story:

We then make an appointment for the recording, which can be at a quiet location of your choice. In most cases, it’s best to do this in the comfort of someone’s own home where they feel relaxed and at ease.
The length of the recording can vary from one to four hours – including bespoke projects to meet your exact needs and budget. The interview itself will be longer, and so the recording may be completed in one interview, or a series of interviews over a period of days.


3 What happens next?:

The recording is then sent to our SpeakingLives Editor who checks the quality of the recording and edits out any unwanted sounds or content.


4 Happy Ending:

And finally it’s transferred to either MP3 format or as a digital audio file, onto a gold archive CD or memory stick, which is delivered to your door as a beautifully packaged, personalised gift.


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