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Still being able to hear his voice and laughter is just lovely.
Catriona (42) talking about listening to her Granpa’s CD


I am delighted to write a testimonial for Anne Reid of SpeakingLives.

Anne recorded my two young daughters – one seven and one three – for my husband and I so that when they were in their teenage years, we would have something to remind us that they were actually sweet and lovely once!

It would have been easy to have just picked up my phone and recorded a bit of footage of them playing in the garden or something, but then we would have missed out on so much. Anne’s easy manner and ability to engage with the girls made them focus and talk to her in a way that they simply would not have done for us. She also took the time to find out about them beforehand, and kept the process light and carefree.

The end result is a beautiful recording, broken down in chapters, of our gorgeous girls reading, talking and laughing. Most importantly, the girls had fun doing it, and they enjoy listening to it too.

In these times of sensory overload, to take a few minutes to sit, and simply listen to the voices of those you love is nothing more than pure joy. If you haven’t had The Story Lady experience yet, please try it. Like Anne herself, it is a real gem.

Dawn Thomson


Dear Anne,

I cannot thank you adequately for giving John and me such a super birthday present as Speaking Lives.

I had the strangest dream about John the other night which made me want to hear his voice so much that I found his copy and listened right to the end today.

It has been such an emotional experience yet so heart-warming that even towards the end of his life, he was concerned about me and would rather I was remembered and looked after than himself.

The feeling of being rudderless is slowly lifting as I build up a single style life for myself.

Mrs J Fifer Unsolicited e-mail feedback (we did 2 x 3hr Life Story Interviews with herself and her husband who died in August ’14)


My CDs came this week – we are all delighted with them. My family remarked on how well and unobtrusively you conducted the interviews, and I hardly noticed your questions, as the whole thing was most interesting and enjoyable.

Thank you so much.

Mrs D Thomas (83) on Gift from her cousin, about their joint family history


I just wanted to thank you for the way you interviewed my mother for her SpeakingLives CD gift. She described the time you spent together with great warmth and affection.

The way she recalled her distant memories, has touched us all and, as a family, we are incredibly grateful for this priceless piece of “our” history. Mum will now always live on within future generations. They will listen with wonder and recall her experiences throughout the war years and beyond.

Not just simply as a gift, but a piece of magic to ignite the imaginations of our children and our children’s’ children. Many thanks for this, though sometimes thanks are simply not enough…

Colin Read Executive Director, BNI Scotland South & East


I found the interview stimulated me to recall incidents that occurred many years ago, some of them in my childhood. The CD of the interview produced by SpeakingLives is an ideal way of passing on those memories to my children and their descendants.
Paul Grace Edinburgh April 2013 - 4hr Life Story (for his grandson)


SpeakingLives® offers families a unique opportunity to discover so much more about themselves, about interesting events in their family history, about the lives of family who are no longer with us.
Margot Grantham Bucks : on In-Laws 2 x Life Stories


I’ve been telling loads of people about Auntie Janet’s SpeakingLives “Legacy” experience; she was so very proud of what came out on the recording, it was truly a great pleasure for me too. I think we’ve had about 12-14 extra copies for family and friends!
J Birch Lothians : on Crofting heritage


My recording was enjoyable and challenging, it helped me reflect and remember stuff I had forgotten.   It is a unique opportunity to be gently guided and presented with questions – the answers will be worthy of revisiting again and again – for yourself, your family and friends.
D Finlayson (55) Cheshire : on 1 hour recording


What do you give a Millionaire for Christmas?

My Dad was 80 years old recently and I’m looking forward to giving his SpeakingLives CD to my brother for Christmas – who really is someone with everything – very hard to buy a gift for and I know he will absolutely love this.

Thank you so much SpeakingLives.

The Wells family (UK & USA)



My family are originally highland crofters – however my young grandsons now live in the south of England. I wanted them to have a record of our family’s Scottish lifestyle very different to their own.

Anne came to do an interview with my Auntie. She soon put her at ease with her warmth, her relaxed approach and gentle questions, and the conversation was able to flow really easily. The result was a fabulous CD.

My auntie was really surprised at herself, and was so proud of her recording. She has had very many positive comments from people who have heard it. It also made her think of new stories to tell me, which I am going to pass on to my grandsons. It was a brilliant experience.

Jo Birch Jo hired Anne Reid as a Life History Recording 2011


Anne’s personable charm and ability to respond to her clients needs with empathy and discretion makes her the perfect moderator. I employed Anne to interview grandparents in Yorkshire, unused to strangers in their home.

Typical of Anne, she put them immediately at ease and allowed them to tell their stories at their own pace, resulting in a fantastic personal legacy for our family. As a Life Interviewer Anne delivers results, as a businesswoman she is great to work with: organised, an excellent communicator, with a ‘can-do’ approach to her work.

A highly recommended individual

Margot Grantham Margot hired Anne Reid as a Life interviewer in 2010


Anne consistently delivers high quality Life Interview projects to SpeakingLives. Her energy, intelligence and personal touch is brought to every aspect of her consultancy work – it’s a pleasure to work with her.
Jo Gainsburgh Jo hired Anne Reid as a Business Consultant in 2009