Who We Are

About SpeakingLives

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SpeakingLives is an Edinburgh-based Oral History business – specializing in digital audio memory recordings of individuals, families and communities and preserving memories.

Established in 2009, the service is offered throughout the UK and English-speaking countries.

SpeakingLives is about offering something unique, a gift to treasure, a priceless record and a celebration of life of a loved one, at no matter what age. The value therefore, comes from emotional reward, and a chance to keep a part of that person and their story forever.

Anne Reid, now Managing Director of SpeakingLives, was one of the first to train as a Life Interview Consultant and is driven by a passion for people and their stories. Her vision for the company is to give other people the opportunity she never had – a chance to record the little details of a live well lived, a person well loved, before it was too late.

About Us, About You

SpeakingLives is all about people –

  • Anne and her team of professional experts – trained interviewers in the field of Life Story Work
  • You, the clients who commission the recordings of loved ones or communities in order to capture their memories for future generations
  • The speakers themselves, who may never before have had a chance to talk about themselves in a non-judgemental environment; and the people who work with them all along the way, providing help, care and support to them and their families.

Meet the Team

Anne Reid

What makes me tick –“People, colours, sunshine, dancing, laughing, music – things that enrich my day.”
Favourite memory –“My parent’s Golden Wedding Anniversary meal with my three sisters, twin brother, brother-in-law, nephew and niece; a chance to get dressed-up – what an achievement!”

Joyce Ferguson

What makes me tick –“Facing new challenges and trying/learning new things.  Eating out, cinema and a good laugh!”
Favourite memory –“Family picnics at The Grey Mare’s Tail, Mum and Dad, brothers, great granny, aunties and uncles.”

Pete Rowan

What makes me tick –“New things, outdoors and music.”
Favourite memory –“That’s impossible!  I have hundreds of favourite memories ;)”

Amanda Lea

What makes me tick –“Trying to pack in as many new experiences, places and meeting people before I die.”
Favourite memory –“Arriving home to spring in England after three years working abroad in a tropical climate.”

Seimi Rowan

What makes me tick –“Having a sense of freedom and purpose, learning and exploring, and always trying to create something meaningful.”
Favourite memory –“Waking up with my partner to a beautifully crisp winter morning in a cottage at the foot of Mont Blanc and looking out over the valley.”

This Could Be You!

If you like the look of us, and what we do; if you’re interested in helping people tell their story; and want to make a difference…and if you understand the power of a memory… then call us!